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Vics Story Tyme is all about entertainment, education, and current events that are happening. Vics Story Tyme also features "Different Lives Daily Issues" which visually explains all the daily problems that ANYONE can face. DLDI tells the stories of people who face discrimination, racism, unfair treatment, rudeness, and other life problems, many of these stories come from my own personal experience and the experience of my peers. In American life there are numerous trials and tribulations that we go through,  these stories tell the American and Black American experience.

Also it shows you that you are not alone when it comes to issues that you may face. Another series that is featured on vics Story Tyme is called "The Incredible Adrift of Vic". This series is about a young girl, me, being sent on a mission to investigate a planet, but on her way home she is sucked into a black hole and dropped off at an entirely different part of the BG Universe. Now she has to find her way home, stopping at each planet to gather resources, collect data, ask for directions, and get back home. Vics Story Tyme is here to entertain you!



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