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The fun Spot America experience with Vic the host of storytyme . Please enjoy the virtual tour and an extreme motivation class. Rated one of the best must see.  

The Vic experience: Fun Spot America was fun for your buck with a lot of rids such as  tea cups, bomber cars ,rip curl ,sky dinner , fun track  and  the sky coaster ,  which take so far in the air and then brings you back down . what a ride now the Kissimmee fun spot has rides that are little different happy swing tilt a whirl vortex,  and the fun spot express and so many rids can’t name them all .  Within ½ hour from each other you can experience both from the week end. I do want to thank David Hummer for a great information on the parks.

A thanks to Gilbert Rodriguez for a motivation class to the fun spot workers .Giving tips on how to work better with your community is so important for best team work . Staying ready for whatever happens and creates a better environment for all. I enjoyed his motivation talk .The main topic was the main event .


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