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Welcome to THOUGHTS, OPINIONS & MINDSET!!! As we define thoughts , thoughts are an aim - oriented flow of ideas and association that can lead to a reality oriented conclusion. Now opinion is a view or judgment formed about something not necessarily based on fact or knowledge beliefs or views . Mindset means to establish a set of attitudes held by someone you mindset plays an important role in planning in your life, fix attitude, disposition or mood .Everyone brings something to the table in the community and it is very important that we all begin to listen so we can move forward. The newsletter will give you highlights of the magazine (JAPEC Community Life) articles and television (All Nations TV) shows that provide in-depth informatio



The views and opinions expressed on this newsletter are solely those of the authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not represent the view of our company. Our mission is to provide a platform for communities to talk and be able to develop a clear understanding  on the way one thinks and cares so that we can start to move ahead together 

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  Can we see the Light?

Several days ago I came across an statement from one of the leaders of a white supremacist group that stated that their cause was to return our nation to its European roots and he wanted the United States to be more like them. I found that statement to be quite hilarious. 


One good reason the immigration of Europeans into this country have subsided is that we don’t have much to offer them except the pursuit of profits at all costs. The Europeans get universal healthcare and childcare , several countries (11) including Austria, France, Sweden, Germany offer free public universities to their citizens or citizens from other European Union nations. Unionization in several countries is over 50% of the workforce. Why would they come here? But, the point raised by the white supremacist is worthy if he understood the meaning of what he was saying.


Take note, I live in the State of Florida a lightly red state where over 60% of people have voted in favor of progressive issues like raising the minimum wage to $15 p/hr and restoring the voting rights of former convicts. Issues that there is no doubt benefits many people from the communities “hated” by white nationalists. 


In order to pass those progressive amendments it meant a great number of whites and Republicans had to vote in their favor too. The racial composition of Florida is as such White(72.5%),Black(23.9%),Asian(3.4%),Native Americans (0.1%). Hispanics can be of different races. Mexican philosopher, secretary of education, and 1929 presidential candidate ,José Vasconcelos, wrote an essay titled “La Raza Cósmica”(the Cosmic Race) expressing  the ideology of a future "fifth race" in the Americas; an agglomeration of all the races in the world with no respect to color or numbers to erect a new civilization. Most people in the Hispanic community even without knowing about Vasconcelos feel that way, and the more progressive “Hispanics” are, the more they understand commonality of interest between different groups of people. And that understanding is what we need to bring forward. We can tell our white nationalists brethren that we all want the same thing, and what is preventing us from getting there is that we are being willfully divided so we can’t struggle in unison for what is in the benefit of regular common folks


You are right Lorenzo we are willfully divided. We are all part of the Human Race. Other Race classifications are politically motivated. The only Real division among us that is not spoken of in most circles is Socioeconomic Class divisions. We have different economic interests in Capitalist societies and in all societies that preceded them in recorded history. Anthropological research shows us that Matriarchal Primitive Communist society did not have class divisions and that existed since the origins of the species. The division in class society comes from the control by a small minority of the means of existence within society. Without that there would be no classes. Racism is an ideological tool of the ruling class in order to foster divisions by promulgating the belief that some grouping is superior to others and that justifies their privileged position in society. 


In the later half of the 20th Century in the US the existence of a Capitalist Class and a Working Class was denied. To utter those words was heresy in polite society. It was not until Bernie Sanders campaign in 2015 that the the words were once again used by him, and then a massive number of people. We now know those words and as it is said ' the cat is out of the bag'. Now the existence of our species is threatened by capitalism and it is in the existential interest of even the capitalists to eliminate those divisions. We in the working Class can not depend on the ability of capitalists to do that. There is no evidence of that. Therefore it falls on us, not just Hispanics, but on workers to save our species by ending capitalist rule, and uniting society once again in order to save it. Organizing society in the interest of All. It is what some Liberation Theologians have labeled establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

.Interesting take, Victor. Pure capitalism, as well as pure socialism, is not optimal. There needs to be a healthy mix. People by nature have a strong DRIVE to accumulate and maintain material things. It should not and cannot be successfully repressed. Thus, capitalism. However, UNRESTRAINED  capitalism has proven not to work. It must be regulated to a HEALTHY degree. Thus, the need for laws to protect the environment, workplace safety laws, social security, Medicare,  etc. This is what we have in the US and most industrial countries. The PROPER mix is what our political parties fight over. There is no utopia on earth. Be well my Progressive friend.

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