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Community Life 


Community life -where we live and how we view our lives and our surrounding areas . How our treatment toward others  reflects on who we are and what we do .Conduct and behavior defines who you are . 

   Welcome life Community life section a brand that is moving forward .Always remember that Community is Unity andequity is moriarty  .  Remember Community is Unity and  Equity is Moriarty.  This section is dedicated to giving the people a voice for we all have something to bring to the table . We must all strive to grow and create a clear understanding with each other


Group Seflie

  (feature story )- this is about stories of the heart that reach others and bring us close with knowledge ,eduction . providing insight to each of them with a goal of understanding oneself  Enjoys the read . 

Construction Engineer

(Construction)- in various cities that are going to be going this we'll keep you aware of what is going on in your area when it come to jobs  ,and the way growth can affect your life as well as road closing and more 

Crowd of People with masks

(City and Government Programs) -   that are set set aside to help us improve our situations in moving forward colleges,schools,.health programs ,, social assistance rental programs, life needs ,

Group Bonding

(Positive stories- stories) that move you ,make you want to be more ,inspire others to do ,   there are great stories about people looking out for others taken care of loved ones ,friends and neighbors .non-profit on the move,jobs  We are one.


(Though, Opinion,& Mind Set ) the mission in this section is to give people a voice .If you cannot understand the people in your community and be able to listen to their concerns and why they have certain opinions on a matter then you stand to continue repeating the same result .

Live Concert

 (Events and upcoming events) - bring the very best in events of the past ,present and future with interviews,full writeup , and what their mission is for your community . Also if you want to volunteer or assist them there will be information on this . so lets have fun and enjoy each other .

Window Shopping

  (Community life storys)  storys of strength and things that are going on in the community and around the area stories of the heart 

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Crowd Gathering

Japec Community Life Magazine events are dedicated to bring the community together . join us and support the world as we began to enjoy each other and appreciate our different cultures

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