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When you want the very best entertainment  .we do our best to get you just that ! call us when have a event . Contact us a 

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JAPEC ENTERTAINMENT  aim is to help and show case other talent and allow others to view. As a marketing company giving people a real chance to move toward their dreams. Show your gift allow city’s towns and event planners to view what they getting instead of a sound recording. There are too many times that you go on cd .but not seeing their real talent if they can perform or not

.JAPEC ENTERTAINMENT BIO’S & DOWNLOADS, This allows you learn about the artist. When they got started .Why they are doing what they are doing. What some of their songs meant to them while they writing them as well. Also getting a clear understanding of what is meant. Downloads allow you see pictures and words of the songs and more

JAPEC ENTERTAIMENT CENTER STAGE. This section is dedicated to interview with the artist .allowing question to be ask that may inform you more about the artist life. Their performance and different venue where they may have learn what to do and what not to do, when it comes to getting the fill of the crowd.

JAPEC ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS   these are show that will be put on to get talent out there bringing the community closer ,  Allowing the people to be the star and get to enjoy each other . Building relationship between the police, fire dept.  Government and the community is our goal

THE EVENT CENTER AT LONG SHOTS .Our mission is to have families to enjoy fun out as a unit .You can rent, parties, events, wedding receptions, sports parties, and more just contact us for more information. One of our programs is to give bands, dj, shows, and poems stories to be told just to name a few .by giving all a chance to learn and perform.

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