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Dyra touring Maryland, DC ,Virginia .Coming soon the calendar for the events. When you are looking for smooth, silky sound of soul then is a must grab that love ones and head on down for booking contact japec 

Dyra -- her music and performance journey at the age of 6. 
She is an accomplished stage actress, vocal coach, dance choreographer, and director with numerous stage performances to her credit. A versatile vocalist, her performances cover a wide range of genres and styles including jazz, blues, RnB, pop, showtunes and gospel.
   Dyra performs at venues such as The Hippodrome Theatre, The Baltimore Museum of Art and Gertrude's, The Benjsmin Banneker Museum, Thr Great Blacks in Wax Museum, The Children's' Guild and some Baltimore"s most popular restaurants and night scenes, as welll as several private affairs. 
   The Dyra Wolf project, which consists of various musicians, continurs to perform steadily. 
   Dyra is currently completing her debut CD on which she is writing, composing, and playing. She is an accomplished recording engineet, writer, and producer.

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