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True Greatness is in the service of others support theses not - for profits for they are on the move 

Not -for profits Fighting for a cause



Just fromthe heart is a non-for -profit that fights for small business success click below for infomation

PLEASE Click and see what not for -profit meets your heart .We all have something that is close to us as a dir.we ask for you to take a look at these not for profit  and help some one make a different

David Clowney Foundation

.A foundation that supports and works with innier city kids .Teaching kids to take responsible of ther action and become a in what ever they do in life .Life managment ,team work ,Getting ahead in life

4knowlege is power

Golden Parents

Working with parents to make home life better for all . working with kids and othere family to move forward

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David Clowney Foundation A not -For Profit


.Our MissionOur mission is to provide positive activities to the community in order to help individuals accomplish more through educational and cultural experiences in hopes of stimulating the desire to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve more!The 4 Knowledge is Power organization is committed to providing high-quality programs for youth that will support healthy development, academic achievement, leadership, growth and success. Our organization gives hope, builds values, raises self-esteem and confidence, and most important, instills the values of social responsibility and integrity in each youth.Our Goals4 Knowledge is Power is pursuing excellence in all we do. To be wise stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Strive for excellence in all services, programs, and activities. Be unwilling to accept mediocrity. Seek to improve our skills, techniques, materials, and approaches.

Golden parent a not-for profit

 Founder /CEO  P; 561-929-3309  F; 561-265-2148 

Pat Burks  HOOPS life


 Former NBA Player Pat Burke's Orlando Basketball Training Facility HOOPS Pat Burke's Basketball Training Facility, serving Orlando and Central Florida was founded in 2010 by former European Champion and NBA player Pat Burke. Pat realized that there was something missing in the area. Basketball was not a priority and teaching it the proper way was not being done. Giving the kids the proper training and teaching the fundamentals of the game could change the course of their path in basketball. Hoops is dedicated to developing a solid fundamental foundation for each basketball player. Focusing on skill development for players of all ages and levels. Providing a qualified and professional staff with state of the art basketball equipment to develop and transform our aspiring players, Hoops wide range of programs offers something for every age and every level of player. Our goal is to change basketball in the area and to change the way a serious athlete trains.


Standing Ovation

Workinkg our youth to buld and creat a better way in the arts .Building Charater and strenth ,self motivation.

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