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  MOVIELYNE INTAKE  ON TRAILER     Just looking at the trailer KONG SKULL ISLAND its great to a new and exciting way to view the kong story and in this time area . I can say hopefully we get a look into kong pass.We also look forward to see how man deals with this situation the now come about . the trailers views nothing but heart thriving action must see 

This movie take place as a first contact. When a spacecrafts touch down all around the world   A team races against the clock to uncover what the want /mission then tension and fear begins to cause governments to do so . Banks try to discover the aliens true purpose clock is ticking .

At early age, Cal Lynch is a convict facing capital punishment when he gains an unexpected second chance at life thanks to the mysterious workings of Abstergo Industries. Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks the genetic memories contained in his DNA, Cal is sent back across the centuries to 15th Century Spain. There, he lives out the experiences of his distant relative, Aguilar de Nerha, a member of a secret society known as the Assassins who fight to protect free will from the power-hungry the Templar Order. Transformed by the past, Cal begins to gain the knowledge and physical skills necessary to topple the oppressive Templar organization in present day. 


Coming on DVD & Blu- ray

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