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Cold Cases help  all - get it solved

Marion County Sheriff Dept.

. It's been 17 years since 38 year old Roberta Johnson, a single mother who once served her country in the United States Army---who worked with troubled kids and was a middle school teacher---was found dead in Northwest Ocala, buried in a sandy and shallow grave. Roberta was also nine months pregnant and expecting a baby boy at the time of her deathIf you have any information on the cold case of Roberta Johnson, please call Sgt. Clint Smith at 352-368-3544 or to remain anonymous, call the Crime Stoppers of Marion County at 352-368-STOP..

 Crime  reports Cold Cases and more .

Groveland Police Department 

Detective John Moore & Jack Gunter Criminal Investigation

Response to this issue, police departments have expanded cold case investigative teams with new forensic technologies, particularly DNA analysis this should help solve cases. .

Detective john and jack discuss the main issue with solving cases cold or not. One of the main issues is lack of Community information .Due to the state of today’s trust issue and no talk campaign toward cops .

Solving "cold case" relies more on the new witnesses, also on the DNA analyses and other forensic techniques celebrated in crime .

.Cold cases are ones unsolved after many years of investigation. For homicides, their numbers have increased to almost 200,000 and above per year

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