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JAPEC JUSTICE FILE OPION - Groveland FL. City Hall Meeting on the dismissal of the city manger the conclusion on the direction of the city council. The investigation is over and now the solution on the way please watch and enjoy .We here at JAPEC do our very best to cover all of the story – with interviews and video, clips and shows. Our goal give all 3 value statement same opportunity .this means the accurse, the accuser, then we fact check. We all have a voice thank you. In closing as always my favorite quote :BELOW SPEAKERS VIEW

Napoleon once said, when asked to explain the lack of great statesmen in the world that, to get power you need to display absolute no pettiness .To exercise power you need to show true greatness .As I look upon the events of the past weeks and I have never come so to grips with that quotation. BELOW CITY MEETING VIEW

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