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Bishop Leonard Scott Ministries
Gospel Music Today
Rhema Gospel Express
​Talk Life
The Encouraging Word
Empowerment Network
The Christian View
Urban Inspirational Show
Amazing Facts
Mt. Zion International Ministries
The Outpouring with Dr. Daphne Burleson
A Place of Transformation
Kingdom Advancers with Akita Taylor
New Beginnings Worship Center
Kingdom Insight 
Thy Kingdom Come
Henry Fernandez Ministries
He Hears, He Cares
Smith Temple COGIC
Liberty Baptist Church
On Target Ministries
Bee Your Best
Healing For The Nations
Pray In Jesus Name
All About Terrie
Walking In Victory

Reasonable Truth

Where the Fire Meets the Clouds
Cross Talk 
Victory Life Encounters
Gospel Music Today
My Hope America
Cooking with Sugarlious
The Kingdom Seekers
Living Single  
Operation Outreach For Souls
The Way Of The Master
Apostle Elhadj Diallo Ministries

YNL Show
Arise with Susan
Gospel Comedy Live

Dr. Leonard Scott
Ken & Jean Grady
James Lockhart
John & Nohr Latinovich
Pastor Ilester Lewis
Pastor Robert Anderson
Talk Show Hosts
Pastor T
Doug Batchelor
Edgar McLemore
​Dr. Daphne Burleson
Angus Buchan
Prophet Joy Martin
Akita Taylor
Pastor Curtis R Durham
Dr.Kazumba Charles
Juanita George
Dr. Henry Fernandez
Dr. Apstl Bennie & Dr.  Prop T'nita Perry
Bishop David R Houston
Dr. Renee Hornbuckle
Pastor Mark Hood
Vince D'Acchiohi
Thelma Wells
Pastor Karl Lewis
Chap Gordon James Klingenschmitt,PhD
Terrie Rmson
Bishop Neil Ellis

Dr. William Lane Craig

Pastor Cathy Coppola

Pastor Cyrus Simwanza
Ken & Jean Grady
Billy Graham
Sugar Trask
Dr. Geren Gatling
Debbie Adebayo
Dr. June Paul
Kirk Cameron
Apostle Elhadj Diallo

Anthony Young
Susan Cheatham
Willie Brown & Friends

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