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Traveling is an opportunity to get away from the daily routine and to see and experience
something new and unique. The distance could be near or far but the change helps a person to
unwind and reflect on their lives. Traveling with Milton Wallace will provide the viewers an
opportunity to get an in depth look at locations around the world. The normal popular spots
will be listed but those unique points of interest will also be highlighted to give visitors to the
location the feel and culture of the region.
Some of the information provided will be gathered from books, videos and personal interviews.
The travel experiences of Milton Wallace will also be included with onsite interviews, pictures
and reports. Links will be included that will provide you resources and tips for traveling to
specific locations. The hope is to make you a knowledgeable traveler.
Milton Wallace is a retired educator of 30 years. He owns Dreams Come True Travel and has
been a travel agent for the last 11 years. He has helped many people travel in the states and
over the world. He has also done some traveling himself. Milton loves to meet people and
learn about cultures. His favorite mode of travel is cruising.

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