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This term has been used to describe the way some people  can treat another , case and file     (to hurt or even humiliated  another ).Today this term can be used as self awareness that even though your pass may not be squeaky  clean .You should always realize that your future is still yours and not let someone threaten your future because of you pass .There has been a lot of people that have gave up there dreams due to the chose they may have made .Now this could have had trickle down affect on someone that might  have been bless with your gift . This is injustice to you and those who could have came out in a better situation .


This issue is when other they might not like what you  stand for and then threat you with exposing your pass if you move forward .My thoughts there will be people who will always have something to say weather you are right  wrong  .Some may even smile in your face and yet turn around and hope you fail .This is what you need to watch out for .Now  lets move forward


This term gets tossed around a lot but  this means  coming together  as a whole inspire each other .We must also realize that GOD is not just in the church only ,Most of the work to be done is on the outside of the church 

japec community life magazine present a interview with the REV Cannon Nelson W PINDER,LGD,DD Episcop 

Above Praise Outside Event

The Reverend Canon Nelson Wardell Pinder, Sr. born in Miami, Florida. He grew up in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami and was baptised and confirmed in the Historic St. Agnes Episcopal Church. After serving in the Army in the Korean War, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Bethune-Cookman College. He later earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Florida A&M University. he received a call to the gospel and decided to attend Nashotah House Seminary in Wisconsin. In 1959, he was called to Orlando, Florida and began his service as the first full-time priest of color at The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist.

 the 1960’s, he became known as “the Street Priest,” organizing and participating in sit-ins and protests which helped to advance civil rights in the city of Orlando. In 1969, he was installed as a Canon, and was assigned to The Awareness Center, where he served for three years.                                            As Priest of The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist (1959-1969, 1972-1995), Father Pinder enjoyed many accomplishments. please enjoy the interview very enlightenment .a massage of love for all.


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